Are There Any Bathroom Cleaners That Don't Smell Strong

Cleaning bathrooms is an unpleasant job at the best of times. It takes a long time, requires a lot of effort and elbow grease, and you are working on your hands and knees in awkward areas, that are damp and moist and disgusting!

Your job is made even worse by horrible smelling cleaning products. So are there any bathroom cleaners that DON'T SMELL STRONG? And do they still work well enough to be worth your while?

One of the worst culprits for smelly bathroom cleaners are commercial products. The reason they smell strong, is because they contain harsh chemicals. Commercial toilets cleaners and commercial tile cleaners and mold removers are especially bad.

All these products have home-made alternatives, all of which either don't smell strong at all, or have a much more pleasant odor than their commercial alternatives!

Odor Free Toilet Cleaning
Instead of using a commercial toilet cleaner, an example of a bathroom cleaner that smells strong, you can use white vinegar. Just use vinegar as you would the commercial product to clean your toilet.

Wipe down all the surfaces of the toilet, and use a toilet brush to clean inside the bowl, and under the water of the bottom of the toilet. Vinegar's mild acidity should successfully kill germs and lift stains and grime.

Odor Free Tile Cleaning
Specialized tile cleaners are highly effective but they smell very strong. Instead of using a commercial product, you have a few options for cleaning tiles.

If you want to clean your tiles regularly, you can just use plain soap or detergent and water. Wipe your shower and tiled surfaces down quickly two or three times every week and this should prevent dirt and soap scum building up, and thus prevent the need for using smelly products.

Mold Removal Cleaners that Don't Smell Strong
To clean bathroom mold without using nasty smelling products, you can try using detergent and water, and using plenty of elbow grease. For mild mold, this should be enough to remove stains and kill mold.

If that doesn't work, you can try moving up to a mixture of bleach, water, and a soap that doesn't have ammonia in it. Granted, bleach does smell pretty bad sometimes, but once it is diluted in water, it won't be anywhere near as bad as the incredibly dangerous commercial mold removal products.


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