Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms are where the whole family goes to stay clean, hygienic, and look good. It's the area that is visited when you first wake up in the morning and just before you go to bed: a very important room.

Thus it is extremely important that it is clean and inviting. A dreary bathroom gives a dreary start to the day, a clean bathroom gives a positive start! Bathroom tiles feature prominently in most bathrooms, so for your peace of mind, it's necessary to keep them clean. Here's some tips about cleaning bathroom tiles.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles
It is inadequate to just wipe down tiles every so often, no matter how frequently. If you don't clean your bathroom tiles correctly, grout may become moldy and discolored. Instead of using a commercial cleaning product, here's a do-it-yourself way of cleaning bathroom tiles:

1. Mix up a paste of bicarb soda and peroxide.
2. Lather it onto your tile and grout, scrub the area using a pre-used toothbrush or gentle scrubbing brush.
3. Allow it to remain there for around half an hour.
4. Wash off the product using a wet cloth. This should leave moderately dirty tile and grout sparkling white and clean!

Cleaning Very Dirty Bathroom Tiles
If your bathroom tiles are very dirty, however, you need something stronger.

For heavy-duty bathroom cleaning, soak an old tooth brush in bleach and detail clean the dirty tile or grout area. Use plenty of elbow grease. Once again, remove excess product with a wet sponge. This should get rid of any problem spots or discoloration on your tile or grout. Quick and easy!

Another easy and common approach to cleaning bathroom tiles is to use a steam cleaner. To do this you will need to buy or hire a steam cleaner.

1. Load the steam cleaner with drinking water, to the amount the steam cleaner instructions say. Make certain to not fill more than recommended.
2. Shut the water tank.
3. Connect the cleaner to the power, give it time to heat the water, about five or six minutes.
4. Press the activation button on the cleaner, whilst concentrating the flow of water vapor towards the dirty bathroom tiles. For cleaning bathroom tiles, start at the highest area, say the top of the shower or wall, and work your way to the floor.
5. Finally, clean the water and loose grime left behind with a dry hand towel. You should be left with clean bathroom tiles!


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